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Ulster-Scots Language

A range of Ulster-Scots language publications are available from the Ulster-Scots Language Society.

Since the early 1990s, the Ulster-Scots Language Society has been the only organisation in Northern Ireland specifically formed to promote the Ulster-Scots language in literature and native speech.


The Ulster-Scots Language Society was founded in 1992 “to promote the status and re-establish the dignity of Ulster-Scots as a language”. 


Its objectives are:


  • To promote the use of Ulster-Scots in writing, education and speech
  • To encourage interest in Ulster-Scots literature: prose, poetry and drama
  • To encourage confidence in the use of Ulster-Scots
  • To encourage contemporary writing
  • To encourage interest in the Ulster-Scots traditions of music, dance and song

The Society caters for a wide range of interests:


  • If you are an Ulster-Scots speaker
  • If you would like to be an Ulster-Scots speaker
  • If you are from an Ulster-Scots background
  • Or if you are just interested in the language

Some of the Ulster-Scots language books distributed by the Ulster-Scots Language Society include (click on the image below for further details and to order your copy from


 Hamely Tongue  Ulster-Scots Grammar Betsy GrayWittens frae Docter Luik: The Gospel according to Luke in Ulster-Scots (with parallel 1611 Authorised Version)

 Ullans  Auld Meetin Hoose   


Anyone interested in receiving more information may contact: 


The Ulster-Scots Language Society
2nd Floor, 68-72 Great Victoria Street



Northern Ireland


Telephone (+44) 028 9043 6716



Individual, Joint / Family and Corporate membership available - please feel free to contact us for further details.


Members will receive complimentary copies of the Society’s ‘Ullans’ Magazine (contains items in English as well as Ulster-Scots) and regular updates on events throughout the year.