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Wheen O Wurds 2

23 November 2020

This year we are launching a second Ulster-Scots language quiz ‘Wheen o Wurds II’.


Wheen O Wurds II

For Ulster-Scots Language Week in 2019 we launched ‘A Wheen o Wurds I’ – an Ulster-Scots language quiz. Since its launch more than 36 000 people have taken the quiz in more than 60 countries around the world.

You can still take the Wheen o Wurds I quiz by clicking  HERE.

We launched a second Ulster-Scots language quiz ‘Wheen o Wurds II’.

This second quiz is designed to build on the vocabulary in Wheen O Wurds I. It includes words in common everyday use and also introduces vocabulary that is more common in places where Ulster-Scots is spoken but perhaps less common elsewhere, so it may be a little more challenging!

In this new quiz we’ve added audio so you can hear the words being pronounced as well as hearing them used in a sentence.

Test your knowledge of Ulster-Scots language and perhaps learn some new words by clicking


Get more than 20 answers correct and get your personalised certificate and claim your Ulster-Scots language lapel badge.