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Derry and Strabane District

23 November 2020

Ulster-Scots Leid Week 23rd November - 27th November 2020

Fair faa ye tae our wittins blaudie anent

Ulster-Scotch Leid Week 2020!

Ulster-Scots Language Week aims to promote awareness and appreciation of the Ulster-Scots language. Ulster-Scots is all around us, and Ulster-Scots Language Week gives us the opportunity to learnmore about the language and to celebrate it as part of the shared cultural heritage of the region.

In order to mark the week, Derry City and Strabane District Council plans to host an online programme of events which will provide opportunities for people to learn more about the Ulster-Scots language. All of the events in our programme can be enjoyed online 


So, whether you just have a wheen o words or speak tha hamely tongue day-in and day-out, this year’s programme has something

for everyone. You might even find out that you speak more Ulster-Scots than you realise!

All of the events in our programme can be enjoyed online at