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An Ulster-Scots tribute to Alex Higgins

17 August 2010

Alexander "Alex" Gordon Higgins (18 March 1949 24 July 2010),also known by his nickname of Hurricane Higgins, was an Ulster snooker player who was twice World Champion and twice runner-up. Higgins earned the nickname The Hurricane because of his speed of play.

At 4pm today the Ulster-Scots Agency and poet Wilson Burgess presented The Royal Bar on Sandy Row with a commemorative framed poem about Alex Higgins.


The poem, commissioned by the Ulster-Scots Agency was specially written by Wilson Burgess from Aghadowey, Co Londonderry. 


During the presentation Wilson Burgess recited his poem to a full house in the Royal Bar and signed copies of the poem which is presented with an image of. Alex Higgins during a tournament against Steve Davis in the Ulster Hall on 16th March 1981.


            Oor Alex


       Wilson Burgess


Frae the Jampot tae the Crucible

It made nae odds tae him,

Oor Alex tuk on al’ comers

An’he wid maistly win.


In seventy two in Birmingham,

Hae tuk the place bae storm,

Little did wae al’ know then

That a Hurricane wiz born.


He breathed life intae snooker

Whin it wiz dyin’on its feet,

Wae high speed play an’swagger

 Hae gaen the worl’ a treat.


 Fir the nixt ten years hae shone

 Bright iz the Northern star,

Hae wiz the peoples champion

The maist popular man bae far.


Tae win anither worl’ title

 Wiz tae bae haes destiny,

The year wiz nineteen echty two

An’ the man hae bate wiz Ray.


Noo oor Alex haed haes foibles

Wae’ll no argue wae yae there,

Hae’ll alwiz bae oor wayward son

Wae hae forgiveness tae spare.


 Whin ill health tuk its toll.

Oor Alex: Fight hae didnae lack,

 Hae’ll bae tellin’ them in Heaven noo

 Hae wiz snookered bae the Black.