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‘History & Heraldry’ in County Donegal

06 December 2013

History and Heraldry is a company which research family names and history; and who also supply handcrafted family coats of arms on wall plaques and parchments.

The company is run by Jennifer Merton Smith, who was born in Bessbrooke in Armagh and later went on to live and be educated in Oxford England where she studied Genealogy.
Jennifer returned to Ireland to set up a family business of Heraldry and Genealogy which is now based in Raphoe, Co. Donegal. History & Heraldry are planning to open a shop in Londonderry / Derry to take full advantage of the City of Culture Bid which is looming closer for the walled City.  It is anticipated that tourists will visit the City in numbers looking for cultural and family ties; both in the City of Londonderry / Derry and the wider province of Ulster.
This is an ideal opportunity for people with an Ulster-Scots connection to research their surname and find out more about their Ulster-Scots Heritage. Ulster has produced many fine citizens with an Ulster-Scots background with names such as Mellon, Woodrow, Wilson, Dunlop and Ferguson to name but a few.

History & Heraldry also offer a Family Tree and Genealogy Service; for those who want to research the History of their family.
For any further information please contact Jennifer either by phone on Mobile (00 353) 8625 88 554 or (00 353) 7491 738 05.  Alternatively, Jennifer can be emailed at



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