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Ulster-Scots Agency Launches New Publication in...

12 April 2019

The Ulster-Scots Agency celebrated its partnership with the Maine Ulster-Scots Project at the launch of ‘1718 – 2018’ Reflections on 300 years of the Scots-Irish in Maine’ at a special event that took place at the Freeport Community Library on 11 April 2019.

In 2018, a conference presenting a selection of academic papers was held at Bowdoin College by the Ulster-Scot Agency and Maine Ulster-Scots Project. As a result of this conference, 19 authors were chosen for inclusion in this new publication, ‘1718 – 2018’ Reflections on 300 years of the Scots-Irish in Maine’, a book that reflects on the “deeper stories that remain embedded in colonial identity and conflict.” It also explores the “historical narratives through the lens of migration from Ulster and the way the frontier experience shaped the people who invented a nation.”

Guest speakers at the launch event in Maine included Dr.William Roulston, Ulster Historical Foundation, John T. Mann, President Emeritus, Maine Ulster-Scots Project, Rebecca J. Graham, President, Maine Ulster-Scots Project and Richard Hanna, Director of Education and Language, Ulster-Scots Agency.

This event forms part of a visit to the United States by the Ulster-Scots Agency to promote Ulster-Scots history, language and culture. The Ulster-Scots Agency will also be present at a number of high profile events including the Nutfield 300th Founders Weekend celebrations as well as the world premiere of the Ulster-Scots stage production ‘The Land of Promise’ at the Carnegie Festival of Migration: ‘The Making of America’ in New York.

Copies of ‘1718 – 2018’ Reflections on 300 years of the Scots-Irish in Maine’ are priced at £20 and are available from the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre, 1-9 Victoria St, Belfast, BT1 3GA. Please call 028 90 43 6710 or email for more information.