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Maine Conference

22 August 2018

Ulster-Scots Agency attend Conference in Maine

Delegates attending the conference organised by the Maine Ulster Scots Project view the exhibition in Bowdoin College Maine provided by the Ulster Scots Agency.

The exhibition tells the story of the 1718 emigration from Ulster to Maine.

The 4 day conference brought together Ulster Scots diaspora, academics from the USA and Ulster and those with an interest in Ulster-Scots for a stimulating programme of talks and events.

Huge credit is due to the Maine Ulster Project for its vision in staging this well organised and worthwhile event.

The programme was varied and stimulating, raising awareness and generating debate.

The Ulster-Scots Agency was pleased to support the event.

The Ulster-Scots Agency in partnership with Tourism Ireland is producing a number of short videos celebrating links between New England and Ulster. Filming is complete and work has made an impression in New Hampshire.

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