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'They Sailed from Londonderry' by Billy Kennedy

25 November 2016

The Ulster-Scots Agency, due to public demand, has authorised a re-print of the book They Sailed from Londonderry (The Ulster-Scots who helped create the United States of America) by Billy Kennedy, which was first published in 2012. The 182-page book traces 18th century migration from Northern Ireland's second city and is the 11th publication in the Scots-Irish Chronicles series by author and journalist Billy Kennedy.

Copies of the book, priced £12, can be obtained from the Discover Ulster-Scots Centre at 1 - 9 Victoria Street, Belfast.

Thousands of Ulster folk, largely of Presbyterian stock, left the port of Londonderry for a new life in America over a period from the late 17th century until the early 19th century.

A significant number of people from this distinctive Ulster-Scots diaspora became American luminaries in the high offices of state, military, church and community. 

Forewords to the book have been written by Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster and Tennessee US Republican Senator Lamar Alexander.

* Billy Kennedy was back in the United States in October for a short book-promotion visit and lecture itinerary taking in East Tennessee and North Carolina. Billy addressed members of the Second Knoxville Presbyterian Church, a congregation founded by Ulster-Scots pioneers in 1818. On the trip, Billy was joined by Glen Pratt, from Amarillo, Texas, President of the Ulster-Scots Society of America and a frequent visitor to Northern Ireland. 

They attended the annual Fall Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia in East Tennessee and the Museum of the Waxhaws and the President Andrew Jackson and President James Knox Polk Centres outside Charlotte, as well as the Battle of King Mountain site.