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Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund - First 2016-17...

11 April 2016

Northern Ireland Screen has announced the first 2016-17 Call for the Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund. The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 13 May 2016.

Northern Ireland Screen has announced a new Call for the Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund (USBF).

The USBF provides finance for the production of film, television or other moving image projects relating to the Ulster-Scots heritage, culture and language in Northern Ireland. The aim of the Fund is to ensure that the heritage, culture and language of Ulster-Scots are expressed through moving image.

The Fund also fosters the Ulster-Scots independent production sector in Northern Ireland and support high quality Ulster-Scots cultural TV programmes for a Northern Ireland audience.

The USBF’s production budget for the period to 2020 is £1 million per annum.

The Fund will invest up to £400,000, up to a ceiling of 75% of the overall agreed project costs (although given the size of the fund it is envisaged that project funding will be limited to £250,000 in all but the most exceptional circumstances).

Applicants to the USBF must be registered independent broadcasting companies with a permanent agency in Northern Ireland. The USBF does not demand that specific production activities are undertaken within Northern Ireland. Applicants are free to choose whichever part of the production process it sees fit to undertake outside of Northern Ireland, if it wishes.

The closing date for the first 2016-17 Call is 13 May 2016.