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Mosside Development Group launch the ‘Mosside...

08 October 2009

On Thursday 8th October, members of Mosside Development Group launched the ‘Mosside Word’ at the Church Hall, Mosside. The ‘Mosside Word’ project forms part of the strategic regeneration of the village. The regeneration focused on environmental improvements and the promotion of education and exposure of the cultural and heritage assets of the village and area. One of the key assets in this area is the use of Ulster-Scots language and this is the core of the Word project.

There are 3 distinct elements to the project, as follows:


1.    The Word Park which begins in Rockfield where text paving in the pathways is the Ulster-Scots tongue give the flavour of the area and have already proved to be a tourist attraction with people making enquiries about the origin and meaning of the words. 


This theme is continued through the village in the footpaths and the intention is to attract both adults and children to learn about the roots and meaning of the local tongue in a novel way.  It will also strengthen the language locally at a time when young people could lose their village roots.


There is scope to develop a ‘Word trail’ through the village to attract tourism to the area


2.    The Rockfield Sign is a continuation of the language theme with a large ‘boulder’ engraved with Ulster-Scots words and approached by a pathway with text engraving.


Set in the newly restored park this is an attractive feature which enhances the entrance and adds to the language theme.


3.    Providing an opportunity for school children to become familiar with the local language the ‘Word Pack’ and ‘Cards’ have the Ulster-Scots theme in story and puzzle format aimed at younger children to make learning fun.


They give younger children an opening to use words and sayings from around the district and with this introduction they can participate in the local culture and heritage.


Plans have already been made for the project going forward.  Mosside Development Group has plans to get a number of local schools involved in the project in the future.  This project is a gateway to the future for the Ulster-Scots language in the Mosside area. 


There is an opportunity to develop a programme with schools aimed at keeping the language alive for future generations and giving the young people a pride in the native tongue of the area.  There is also a great opportunity to use this project to attract tourists to the area using the word trail.  In this way the language will live on and be a part of the heritage of Mosside.

The launch on Thursday 8th October provided an opportunity for guests to hear more about the project.  Guest speakers included Mervyn Storey; MLA for North Antrim, Jim Millar; Director of Education and Language at the Ulster-Scots Agency and Alex Blair; a well known local historian and expert on local dialect.


Councillors from Moyle District, Principals and children from local primary schools were in attendance along with representatives from statutory and voluntary groups in the area.


Talking about the project in Mosside, Councillor William Graham, Moyle District Council said “This is a great achievement for the Group and I want to wish them every success with the project.  Mosside has a tradition of Ulster-Scots in language and heritage and this will help to preserve that culture in the area”.


Ryan Moore, Good Relations Officer with Moyle District Council also endorsed the work of the Group.  He commented “I am fully supportive of all the work completed in Mosside and want to add my good wishes for its success”.  Louise Hodgson from the Community Services Office within Moyle District Council has also given her support to the Group.


Further information about the project contact Marion McDowell at Mosside Development Office 0771 400 9460 or email