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New Ulster-Scots Children's Book by Diane Hoy

07 October 2013

Maidie & Cal and Strangford Lough and other Ulster-Scots stories by Diane Hoy

Local Author, Diane Hoy has recently published the first book in an Ulster-Scots Children’s Series for ages 7 – 10.  Maidie & Cal and Strangford Lough is the first of four books in the series. Each book comprises three stories, beautifully illustrated by Jonathan Temples:


Maidie & Cal and Strangford Lough (History);

Maidie & Cal and the Square Dance (Dance);

Maidie & Cal and the Muckle Swarry (Food).


In the 1600s, many people sailed across the sea from Scotland to settle in Ulster.  In the 1700s and 1800s, they sailed from Ulster to start new lives in other countries including the United States of America.  Today in Ulster, they are known as the Ulster-Scots, or the Scots people in Ulster.  In America, they are known as the Scots-Irish.


In the ‘Maidie & Cal’ series, you’ll find out what it’s like to be an Ulster-Scot today, as the brother and sister from County Down are introduced to their rich cultural heritage by family members, travelling through all nine counties of Ulster.  Through storytelling, Ulster-Scots children can discover more about their tradition and customs, and those from different backgrounds can learn more about this proud race of people.  No matter where in the world we come from, we all love energetic dancing, heart-pounding music, enchanting legends, and finger-licking food - so come and join the fun!


Maidie & Cal and Strangford Lough is available


In the following bookshops:


  • Page One, Regent St, Newtownards
  • Ards Tourist Information Centre, Regent St, Newtownards


To buy online from:


Or (if wishing to pay by cheque) by emailing



Diane Hoy is the author of ‘The Scullery: recipes from an Ulster-Scots heritage.’


(2011) Colourpoint Books, Newtownards

ISBN 978-1-906578-92-3