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Public Record Office Announces ‘Volunteering in...

19 August 2013

Starting on 29 August 2013, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland will begin hosting a 5 part lecture series entitled Volunteering in Ireland, 1912-16.

The series will examine the various volunteer organisations which emerged in Ireland during the years before the First World War, including volunteering by Unionist and Nationalists as well as civil and labour volunteers and the role of women in the volunteer organisations.


The lecture series will run until 26 September and each lecture will be represented by Dr Tim Bowman, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Kent and author of books on the Ulster Volunteer Force and the British Army 1902 - 1914.


Lecture series:

29 August - Unionist Volunteers

5 September - Young Citizen Volunteers

12 September - Irish Nationalist Volunteers

19 September - Volunteering and the Labour Movement

26 September - Volunteering and Women


To secure your place in the above lectures email


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