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Ulster-Scots Agency Music and Dance Tuition...

Music and Dance, 22 February 2016, Various

Runs to 16 March 2016

The Ulster-Scots Agency is pleased to announce that applications for Ulster-Scots Music and/or Dance tuition in schools is open. This is a competitive programme with high demand, all application forms are assessed carefully and your application may be turned down if the form is not fully complete and correct, so please ensure you have addressed all sections and submit all required information before the deadline.

Download School Tuition Application Form (2016/17)

Download School Policy and Guidelines (2016/17)

Please use the policy guidelines to assist you when completing your application and the checklist on the last page of the application form before making your submission.

If you have any queries please speak with a member of the Education Team (028) 9023 1113 or

Closing date for all complete applications is Wednesday 16th March 2016 at 2pm.

Applications received after the closing date will NOT be accepted.

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