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The Muttonburn Stream

A hae mine o my young days,
For young A hae been
A hae mine o my young days,
Bae the Muttonburn Stream.
It's no merked on the worl's map,
Nae place tae be seen,
Thon wee river in Ulster :
The Muttonburn Stream

It flows unther stane an stick brigs
Taks mony's the turn.
Sure it turns roon the mill-wheel
that grinds the folk's coarn.
An it trickles throu meedows
An lees the lan claen.
Belfast Lough it suin reaches
This Muttonburn Stream.

Sure the deuks likes tae sweem in it
Fae moarnin til e'en.
Then they dirty the watter,
But they mak theirsels claen.
A hae whiles seen them divin
Til their tails scarce wuz seen,
Waddlin doon in the bottom
O the Muttonburn Stream.

Noo the weemin o ‘Carry
Aft-times A hae seen
Takin doon their fine washin
Tae the Muttonburn Stream,
An nae poother nor saip used,
A wee dunt maks them claen.
It haes great cleansin pooers:
The Muttonburn Stream!

An it cures aw diseases,
Chronic though they hae been.
It'll rid ye o fatness
An cure ye o lean.
Sure the jandies itsel, or
Weak hairt, or strang spleen:
Aw gie wie tae the pooers
O the Muttonburn Stream.

Based on a traditional song originally written by William Hume.